Innovation Accelerator

Our Innovation accelerator is co-hosted by experts and partners to drive institutions to acquire new technological knowledge and skills to facilitate their learning about the innovation process. Through our Innovation salon, institutions can learn about the latest technology and industry trends and insights shared by our experts and partners. For all patent technology and business transformation in the early stage, in the face of demonstration research, market evaluation, external cooperation, the development model, patent licensing, business direction, product agent, value investment and enterprise development weaknesses, establish products advisory group, the organization and undertake the feasibility and value of reasoning, through project incubation and investment mode, establish the resources experts and institutions of cooperation, And select the best business marketing channels. According to the major evaluation business value project, the evaluation opinions of six dimensions including clinical demand, market size, core competitiveness, regulation and registration, team and stage are provided. In the stage of product incorporation, we provide whole-process counseling, clinical cooperation, patent model, market plan, operation scheme, registration access, management team, financing management and other system support.

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