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Our Function

Relying on this industrial cooperation platform with global perspective,  We will be committed to providing quality services of consultation and partnership for enterprises' cross-border two-way investment, assisting them with international market development  and future planning of innovation and technology, forging the dynamic, globally competitive enterprises. 

With Singapore as a hub for global trade and enterprise development, we work strategically with an extensive network of local and overseas partners to support companies to internationalize and enhance core competences. Through  industrial upgrading and innovation, we assist enterprises with global quality and patent certification, establishing international trust standards for products and services.

We support companies to upgrade the technological innovation and improve the quality of products, in order to enter international markets and capture new market share. And we back up enterprises to adopt new technologies to increase productivity, facilitate their expansion into overseas markets and strengthen their brand influence.
Meanwhile, we actively cooperate with Chinese high-tech enterprises in capacity transfer and market expansion. By means of collaboration to establish overseas channel outlets along the Belt and Road, we assist them to invest in global factories, expand markets, build offshore innovation centers, promoting the optimal allocation of technology, industry, talent, capital and other resources at home and abroad, and improving the innovation ability of enterprises and the market space of overseas projects.

Based on the close cooperation between the  Sino-Singapore Park and the Singapore Government, we have built a strategic cooperation platform and management system to provide all-round support and cooperation for innovative technology enterprises to penetrate into the international diversified investment market and make the sustainable development in the future. 
Under the historical opportunity of technological revolution, We will join hands with all parties to devote ourselves to reinforce the cooperation and development  between the innovative technology enterprises and the industrial ecosystem of Singapore, China and ASEAN,  which will surely inject the new vitality into this investment structure. Meanwhile, we strongly advocate the strategy concept of connectivity and economic belt to promote inter-regional cooperation and economic integration, strengthening cooperation and development within the Asia-Pacific region, and then extending and integrating  into Europe and North America.